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Simon Prins

ODD round

ODD round

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Introducing our Odor Delivery Devices (ODDs), the perfect partner for your dog’s detection training. Are you engaged in Nosework or other forms of detection training, these metal scent storage containers are the perfect partner for training your dog.
  1. Versatile and flexible – Our containers are designed for various applications. Bury, hang, hide, or even place underwater – the possibilities are endless!
  2. Optimal protection – These containers will perfectly protect your scent source, which may be vulnerable, toxic, or dangerous. Train with peace of mind, knowing that your scents are safely stored.
  3. No contamination – With our containers, you can safely use your scents in any search area without ‘contaminating’ the environment.
  4. Compact and Stealthy: The compact size of our ODD makes it easy to hide in various environments, ensuring your dog gets a comprehensive training experience.
  5. Optional Magnet Addition: Looking for more creativity in your training routines? We offer the option of equipping your ODD with magnets to unlock new, fun, and engaging training methods.
Our ACT! ODDs are the all-encompassing solution for all your scent detection training needs, providing a comprehensive, enriching, and safe training experience for you and your canine partner.

Material: Durable, stainless steel (410) ensures your dog’s safety and the product’s longevity.

Dimensions: Compact design for versatile use.

Care Instructions: Easy to clean and maintain.

Shipping: Available worldwide with fast delivery options.

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