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Simon Prins

ACT Odor Imprint & ORT set ™ (OI-ORT)

ACT Odor Imprint & ORT set ™ (OI-ORT)

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The ACT! Odor Imprint & ORT set (OI-ORT)

Unlock your dog's potential with our ACT! The Odor Imprint & ORT Set ™ is meticulously designed to offer a versatile, efficient, and fun training experience. With this set, you'll be perfectly equipped to carry out targeted training, odor imprinting, and eventually conduct official odor recognition tests (O.R.T).

These target stands are constructed from premium, powder-coated stainless steel; each piece of this set guarantees resilience and longevity. Plus, every order is delivered with glass targets, which are easy to clean and durable, providing a seamless and enjoyable training experience for you and your dog. 

Adaptable to your dog's pace and learning style, the set allows quick and easy alteration of setups. Whether line-ups, squares, triangles, crosses, or circles, your training sessions will always be varied and exciting. This ACT! Odor imprint & ORT set is very easy to use and will help you to run your ORTs in a very smooth way. There are three options: the one (1) target option, a stand with 2 glass targets and 3 ODDs. The three (3) target beginner set with 6 glass targets and 10 ODDs. And the eight (8) target official ACT! ORT set. Complete with 12 glass targets and 24 Odor Delivery Devices! Yes, you can immediately start your training! On top of this, you will find gloves, the ACT! clicker in your box and the special ACT! ORT data notebook!


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