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Simon Prins

Glass bottles with special dropper caps

Glass bottles with special dropper caps

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Introducing our versatile and innovative bottle with a unique cap designed for precision in liquid dispensing – the "Dropper Cap" or "Dropper Tip Cap." Ideal for a wide range of applications, these caps are commonly utilized on bottles containing various liquids, such as medications, eye drops, nasal solutions, and more, where accuracy and controlled dosing are paramount.

Our Dropper Caps are engineered to deliver liquid in a precise and controlled manner, one drop at a time, empowering users to manage the exact amount of liquid dispensed. This feature ensures ease of use and minimizes waste, making it an essential tool for any task that demands precision.

Choose from a selection of three distinct cap colors to streamline your organization: White for alcohol, red for oil, and black for water. These color-coded caps simplify identification and usage, enhancing efficiency in any environment.

We offer these bottles and caps in two convenient sizes, 5 ml and 10 ml, catering to your specific needs. Additionally, you have the choice between clear and brown bottle options, allowing you to select the perfect combination for your requirements.

Experience the convenience, precision, and versatility of our Dropper Cap bottles. Whether you're a healthcare professional, an enthusiast of essential oils, or simply seeking a reliable way to dispense liquids accurately, our product is your solution. Order today to revolutionize your liquid dispensing experience!

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