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Simon Prins

DarkFighter K9 Helmet only

DarkFighter K9 Helmet only

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This helmet is meticulously crafted to offer you an unparalleled solution, whether you're boarding a helicopter, patrolling the desert, honing your marksmanship at the range, navigating dense thorns, or navigating through urban landscapes. It prioritizes your comfort and provides essential protection for your eyes and ears, safeguarding your most valued companion and asset.

Dark Systems helmets ensure robust and reliable eye protection for your trusted partner. Engineered with impact-resistant lenses rated UV400, they guarantee durability and peace of mind. The spherical lens design enhances your field of view, ensuring maximum environmental awareness. Equipping your K9 with eye protection and a helmet, integrated seamlessly into your gear, is a proactive measure to ensure their safety in all scenarios your team may face.

Moreover, this helmet boasts a versatile design, featuring an upper surface equipped with a Velcro panel for carrying electronic equipment. It's compatible with our DarkMesh K9 camera, ensuring seamless integration of advanced technology into your operational setup.


  • User-Friendly: No training required
  • Comprehensive Protection: Visual and acoustic
  • Lightweight: Less than 400g (0.88 lb)
  • Enhanced Field of View: Spherical lens design
  • High-impact resistant polymer


  • Kit Content:

    • 1x MOLLE Tactical Bag
    • 1x DarkFighter K9 Helmet: Available in black, coyote, tan, OD green
    • 1x Set of Clear and Smoke Lenses
    • 1x Padding Set, 1x Rubber Strap
    • 1x Instruction Sheet


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