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Simon Prins

ACT! Scent Wheel Twister ™ (new 2024 model)

ACT! Scent Wheel Twister ™ (new 2024 model)

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Experience an innovation in training with our ACT! Scent Twister™! This portable, foldable wonder is designed for maximum convenience and practicality. Its compact design enables easy transport and seamless storage, perfect for those who value space efficiency. New 2024 model! 

Our Scent Twister™ features are the perfect combination of the successful  ACT! MTTS and a scent wheel experience. The magnetic attachments ensure a secure fit for your Odor Delivery Devices (ODDs). Your detection dog will love our Scent Twister™. The device comes with 30 brilliantly attached Odor Delivery Devices (ODDs), which are effortless to clean and quick to reposition, keeping your training sessions fresh and varied.

Embrace the freedom of solo training! The Scent Twister™ empowers you to conduct double-blind exercises without needing another person. Just position your ODDs on the Twister in an unpredictable order, and you won’t have the slightest clue where the target odor lies. This lets you step into the unknown, challenging your skills.

Your detection dog will love the thrill of the hunt, feeling like the true expert as they navigate the Twister, sniffing out the target odor from one of the eight positions. This unique setup allows your dog to engage, stimulate their senses, and have fun simultaneously.

Take your training to new heights and attain newfound confidence with our ACT! Scent Twister™. It’s a training device and a tool to grow and excel, pushing boundaries in your scent detection journey. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together with the Scent Twister™!

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