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Simon Prins

ODD flat with odor volume control

ODD flat with odor volume control

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Odor control sticker? (perforate for odor release)

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Our Odor Delivery Devices (ODDs) are tailor-made for precision and versatility in all your detection tasks. What sets them apart? They come with variable perforation options, allowing YOU to decide how much odor is released by adjusting the holes at the top. This isn’t just an ODD; it’s a meticulously designed tool to suit all your needs. Whether gifting a detection enthusiast or treating yourself, this is the ODD (60 ml) you’ve been searching for. Dive in and experience the best the K9 market offers. A game-changer for every detection toolkit!

Discover our newest solution to challenge your dog. These ODDs are equipped with a special strong folie, which allows you to control the odor flow. Are you working with very experienced dog teams?  Open only one (1) hole! Or open more holes to make it easier! Set your dog up for success! This unique ODD is curated for you to determine the best match for your detection work. These are flat, easy to hide, and unique; you can perforate the number of holes you need to train your dog! Explore detection in another way, offering unmatched flexibility, ensuring you pinpoint the optimal performances of your detection dog.  Why use ODDs?

  • They are crucial in training and maintaining a barrier between the odor source and the dog to prevent direct contact.
  • They help avoid contamination of the surrounding area.
  • They protect your target odor from being consumed by potential predators.

Our ODDs are versatile, adaptable, and suitable for various applications. We’ve covered whether you’re handling wildlife, explosives, narcotics, HRD, invasive plants, insects, nosework, or more. Bury, hang, hide, submerge, or even magnetize them – our ODDs are among the best the K9 market offers. Dive into the world of precision detection. TEST THEM TODAY!

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