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Simon Prins

GetXent tubes (blank)

GetXent tubes (blank)

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The Getxent tube represents a game-changing innovation to train dogs to detect endangered animals, invasive species, and plants. The Getxent tube allows for storing the odors for several months.

Able to absorb any target odor without harmful agents, the Getxent tube is ideal for use in public settings (airports, trains, etc.). This advantage makes the Getxent tube an extremely efficient tool for detection dogs. By raising the impregnation time, the Getxent tube allows the reproduction of large amounts of real material. 

The Getxent tube is a unique training aid that absorbs all odor molecules from any target odor. Thanks to this wonderful product, the dogs can be trained safely to detect anything that has an odor in a public setting. You don’t have to bring the real product into a non-controlled environment. The GetXent tubes allow you to bring only the target odor to your operational environment.

The Getxent tube is a unique training aid that enables a full range of detection capabilities to train your dogs. Our new material absorbs all molecules safely related to a disease, either from liquid (e.g. urine) or gas (e.g. breath). On top, the Getxent tube is also used to analyze Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS).

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