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Simon Prins

Bridge 'The Silent Whistle'

Bridge 'The Silent Whistle'

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In animal training, we love to use bridge signals. The most powerful bridge signal is clear, without emotions, and will stand out above all the other signals. We experienced that the Silent Whistle bridge is such a powerful bridge signal. Even when dogs are more than 200 meters away, they easily hear this high-pitched tone.

ACME’s silent whistle, often referred to as the dog whistle, has been a favored tool for dog trainers for several reasons:

  1. Ultrasonic Frequency: The silent whistle operates on a frequency that is mostly inaudible to humans but can be heard by dogs. Dogs have a more extended hearing range than humans, and this whistle capitalizes on that.
  2. Adjustable Frequency: Many ACME silent whistles have adjustable frequencies. This allows trainers to find a frequency that works best for their specific dog or to change the frequency if they feel that their dog is becoming desensitized to a particular tone.
  3. Less Disturbance: Since it’s silent to most human ears, trainers can use it in various settings, including public places, without disturbing people around them.
  4. Consistency: Electronic devices can run out of batteries, and voice commands can vary in tone and volume. A silent whistle provides a consistent sound every time, which can be crucial for effective training.
  5. Long Distance: The high-frequency sound of a silent whistle can travel long distances. This can be particularly useful when calling a dog from afar or training them for fieldwork.
  6. Reduces Vocal Strain: Using a whistle can save the trainer’s voice from fatigue, especially during lengthy training sessions or when communicating with a dog from a distance.
  7. Versatility: Silent whistles can be used for various commands based on the whistle blows' duration, pattern, and frequency. This can be useful for advanced training.
  8. Discreet Training: When a trainer might not want to draw attention to the training process, a silent whistle can be an excellent tool because it’s unobtrusive.
  9. Durability: ACME is known for producing high-quality products. Their silent whistles are generally durable, meaning they can withstand regular use and the elements.
  10. Association: Just like any training tool, when used consistently and appropriately, dogs can quickly learn to associate the whistle sound with a specific command or behavior. This speeds up the training process and can lead to more reliable results.

However, it’s worth noting that not all dogs will respond to the silent whistle similarly. Some may be more sensitive to certain frequencies, and others might need more time to associate the whistle with a desired action. Proper training techniques and patience are crucial to getting the most out of this tool.


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