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ACT! Scent wheel ™ stainless steel foldable 12 arms

ACT! Scent wheel ™ stainless steel foldable 12 arms

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Introducing the ACT! stainless steel foldable 12-arm Scent Wheel – the ultimate tool for professional detection dog trainers. This exceptional device is designed to optimize odor imprinting, maintenance training, and research, making it a must-have for trainers seeking superior performance and convenience. The ACT! Foldable Scent Wheel is a fantastic, high-quality product that fits seamlessly into any training facility, garden, or house. Its innovative foldable design ensures that it takes up virtually no space, allowing for easy storage and transport. Within just 2 minutes, you can effortlessly fold it into a compact package that can be conveniently carried wherever your training takes you.

Setting up the scent wheel for your detection training is a breeze. With its user-friendly design, you can have it ready for action quickly. The simplicity and efficiency of the setup process allow you to focus more on training your dogs and less on equipment preparation.

To provide a comprehensive experience, the scent wheel comes with odor delivery devices, allowing you to choose between glass containers, cans, or both. This versatility ensures you can tailor your training sessions to your specific requirements and preferences. Additionally, we include essential accessories such as the ACT! bridge, special gloves, clamps, and cleaning wipes guarantee a contamination-free environment for working with odors.

Professional detection dog trainers rely on scent wheels for their effectiveness and proven results. Whether you’re looking to imprint odor, conduct maintenance training, or engage in research, the ACT! The foldable Scent Wheel has you covered. This indispensable tool enables you to challenge your dogs with low odor levels and strategically introduce distractions, refining their detection skills and enhancing their focus and accuracy.

Invest in the ACT! Foldable Scent Wheel today and experience its unparalleled convenience, quality, and versatility. Elevate your training sessions to new heights and unlock the full potential of your detection dogs. Imprint odor effectively conducts maintenance training effortlessly and confidently conducts research. Take your detection training to the next level with the ACT! Scent Foldable Scent Wheel – your key to success.

To enhance your training experience further, we offer FREE ENROLLMENT in the ACT! Online Scent Wheel course. This exclusive course will provide valuable insights, techniques, and strategies to maximize the effectiveness of the scent wheel in your training sessions. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge and learn from industry experts, allowing you to take your scent training skills to new heights.

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Invest in the ACT! Portable Scent Wheel today and experience its unmatched quality, convenience, and versatility. Revolutionize your scent training sessions, improve your detection dog’s performance, and achieve outstanding results. This stainless steel wonder is ready to transform your training methods and take you on a journey of success. Contact us now and embark on the next level of scent training excellence!

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