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Simon Prins

ACT! Result Tracker Method (RTM) © for double blind detection training!

ACT! Result Tracker Method (RTM) © for double blind detection training!

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Are you prepared for the latest breakthrough in detection training? Get ready to revolutionize your detection work with the all-new ACT! Result Tracker Method ©! This innovative system empowers you to maintain double-blind conditions, even during solo training sessions. Elevate your detection training to unparalleled heights with our specially designed ACT! Result Tracker Method allows you to precisely pinpoint 'hot' targets and distractions. But that's not all – your training data is seamlessly transmitted to your preferred spreadsheet format! Every crucial data point is meticulously logged, enabling you to analyze failures and successes easily. Whether you prefer Numbers (Apple) or Excel (Windows), rest assured we've got you covered every step of the way! You will find a handheld scanner in the box, 24 different target stickers, and 24 different distraction stickers! This will give you a very powerful data log about your detection training! When your dog finds a target, scan the code for the immediate result. When your display shows 'TARGET,' reinforce it! Displays show 'Distraction', then reset! This gives you valuable insights into your training, and now double-blind training is easy! 

FREE Online course! To get the most out of your Result Tracker Method, you get free enrollment to the ACT! Boost your confidence in the K9 detection course. In addition to the tracker, you'll receive 8 flat ODDs, 2 ODD tubes, 10 mini ODDs, and 8 magnets for the QR stickers, enhancing your search environment capabilities.

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