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ACT! Multi Target Training System ™ (MTTS)

ACT! Multi Target Training System ™ (MTTS)

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ACT! Multi Target Training System (MTTS) ™

Train like a pro with MTTS™, the ultimate multifunctional training set! This innovative set is perfect for beginners and professional trainers, helping your dog hone their target work or scent detection skills. It is designed for flexibility, with a versatile setup that can adapt to any shape or form, challenging your dog in new and exciting ways every time. Discover the perfect and versatile training system to advance your dog’s skills. The lightweight and stable ground plates allow for endless training possibilities! Enhance your detection training with the special ACT! odor delivery devices, ideal for imprinting and odor recognition tests. From the first step to advanced training, MTTS™ has got you covered.

Form line-ups, squares, triangles, crosses, or circles effortlessly. The flexibility of MTTS™ lets you quickly change the setup, adapting to your training needs. Strong magnets connect the targets to ground plates, making attaching them to any metal surface a breeze. Train vertically, horizontally, or even upside down! Cars, radiators, cupboards – the choice is yours. Start your dog’s target training journey with MTTS™. It’s the go-to device for both beginners and advanced trainers. Laser training or radio-directional dogs, MTTS™ has proven its effectiveness time and time again. Transform any training area into an advanced target environment with our special wall mounts. Create the perfect setup for honing your dog’s skills. Don’t miss out on this must-have training set.

Key Features:
  1. Adaptable Setup: Arrange the targets in any shape or configuration to create a variety of training scenarios.
  2. Odor Imprinting Capabilities: This kit is perfect for young dogs beginning their scent detection journey, teaching them to distinguish and remember specific odors.
  3. Distraction Management: Train your dog to focus on the task, even with distractions.
  4. Double-Blind Line-Up Capability: Advanced training techniques can be implemented to improve your dog’s detection skills further.
  5. Target Training: Clear and straightforward targets make for easy understanding and quick learning for your dog.
Our system has two versions:
a 3-target set (including 10 ODDs) for beginners and an 8-target set (including 25 ODDs) for more advanced training. Both sets include:
  • Magnetic Targets: Easy to arrange and change as per training requirements.
  • Ground Plates: Stable and reliable platforms for your targets.
  • ODDs (Odor Detection Devices): Plenty included for various training scenarios.
  • Gloves: To ensure safe handling of the training materials.
  • ACT! Clicker: An essential tool for positive reinforcement training.
Dive into the exciting world of odor training with our Ultimate Odor Training System. Make your dog’s training sessions more productive, enjoyable, and surprising!

Use ethanol of alcohol wipes. Don't clean them in hot water or dishwasher!

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