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Simon Prins

ODD MINI conical (bag of 10x)

ODD MINI conical (bag of 10x)

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Compact & Concealable: With its tiny footprint, our Mini Odor Delivery Device discreetly fits into any training scenario. Whether indoors or outdoors, this device remains your well-kept training secret. Easy to Use: Seamlessly integrate the device into your training routine without hassle. Load the odor of choice, adjust the dosage, and let your dog embark on their olfactory journey of mastery. Focus your training sessions like never before. Minimize distractions and keep your dog's attention fixed on the scent, leading to accelerated skill development.

Unleash the true potential of your detection dog with our  Mini Odor Delivery Device – the ultimate tool to take your training sessions to new heights! This compact device is your secret weapon for honing your dog's skills in a focused and contaminant-free manner.

Why Choose Our Mini Odor Delivery Device?

Superior Training Precision: Elevate your dog's detection abilities by concentrating the exact amount of odor in a controlled manner. Our device ensures that your detection dog is exposed solely to the scent you want them to detect, enhancing their accuracy and confidence.

Non-Contaminating Design: Bid farewell to cross-contamination worries! Our device delivers a minuscule, targeted whiff of odor, leaving the surrounding environment untouched. Train in any setting, confident that you're maintaining the integrity of your training area.

These mini ODDs are delivered in a bag of 10 pieces

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